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What’s the Word? A concept of finding alphabet letters in the world we inhabit everyday… taking photographs of common and uncommon objects to form each letter of the alphabet. Jaime Leigh of Jaime Leigh Photography based in Denver, Colorado – is a bit quirky, but strives to make the stuff you see on a daily basis, more fun!

Jaime makes every letter a piece of art… so you can purchase the letters to display words that are meaningful in your life. Such as your pet, your child, favorite sports team, your profession… or words which express your beliefs, such as love, faith, balance, laugh, play, smile, courage, inspire, etc. OR have fun and try your favorite naughty words!

The beauty of What’s the Word… it’s YOUR word and anything is possible! Especially since we provide many options for your letter choosing, and we are continuously photographing letters to make the possibilities more unique. Color letters bring a different aspect to your decorating… they will provide a splash of light you didn’t have before! However, the letters are available in black/white and sepia tone.

What’s the Word is also a clever gift idea for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, holidays, or just because.

We offer high-quality framing in Highlands Ranch, Colorado at an inexpensive cost for all your words and phrases. Check out the phrases and framing sections on this website. We ensure safe packaging and shipping directly to you.

Make your space a more exciting place to be, with the word you’ll love to see!

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